The past of Dimopel is prologue to its present. The result of investigations in material technology has created a novelty system of chain production, with which the company operates today. With constant quality control, from the raw materials, to the making of the products, and monitoring of productivity in line with current times.

Production also has specific software supported by its machines with the latest technologies for designing and creating patterns. The combination of technology and human resources are capable of optimizing the traditional production system with innovations of the XXI century.

Dimopel gives its clients complete support, getting involved in every project acquiring complete and continued commitment, from investigation to development of new products, elaborations of prototypes, information about new trends, solutions about packaging, transport logistics and financing. Dimopel also offers the opportunity to his clients to collaborate with the patterns and design development, for which it has a highly qualified, technical and professional team.

Aware of the importance that our productivity has on the markets, Dimopel undertook during 2007 investment on innovation based on the reindustrialisation of its workshop, with the implementation of a new teamwork system and new specialised software that collects all the data in the workshop, allowing us to know at any time the production situation in real time and the actual execution time in each phase of the products.

Modernity and tradition set the future of Dimopel that pivot on a central axis: excellence.

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