Fernando Dominguez Morales established Dimopel, SA in 1987 with more than 20 years of experience in the leather sector that left him with the heritage of the past and a horizon of excellence as a purpose for the future.

The first step for quality is taken after forming the human team of the company, which he considers his most valuable tool. High qualify professionals that convert to reality Dimope’sl aspirations to take quality to all business areas: from customer care, the relations with the suppliers, consultants’ financial identities, after-sales services and the internal organisation.

In the beginning Dimopel limited himself to the domestic market. Strict control established on the different production phases, along with commercial reliability, made the company well known among the big brands around the world.

In 1991 Nina Ricci gave Dimopel the manufacturing licenseat international level, allowing the company to expand in the international market.


In 1994 the company made a gigantic step towards excellence moving the premises to modern installations of 1.800 square meters. Which allowed the company decisively to bid for I+D+i


With regarding to its shareholders, Dimopel also has his small story. In 1995 Nina Ricci wanted to be part of the company and after capital expansion Nina Ricci took 33% of shares being part of the Board of Directors. In 1998, Nina Ricci was sold to Puig group and after an agreement in 2003 the 33% of the shares returned to the family business.

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