In 1946, the United Nations got together for the first time, the bikini was introduced to society, the first international cinema festival of Cannes was inaugurated, Karol Wojtlwa (Joan Paul the II) was designated priest, UNESCO was founded. Hungary and Italy proclaimed themselves republic, while in Greece the monarchy ruled, the film Gilda was released and Manuel de Falla, musician and composer passed away.

All these facts took place during the same year in which Fernando Dominguez Morales, founder of Dimopel, was born in Cortes de la Frontera, Malaga.

Son to a modest family of tenant farmers. He was living in la Sierra de lo Alcornocales when a fire destroyed his modest home where he was living with his parents and his youngest brother. The fire buried his childhood forever and that childhood disappeared with the flames.

The economic difficulties that his family had to face at that time forced Fernando to suddenly have to grow up, carry some responsibly and stop being one more mouth to be feed by his family.

He started working looking after his uncle’s cattle, until the age of 8, when he joined his dad in the Cortijo Sambana, located in the area that today we know as Carretera del Tesorillo, in Jimena de la Frontera which at the time was no more than a dirt track. For four years Fernando worked there looking after goats and pigs and also learning how to read and write, even how to speak French.

An old republican Lieutenant Colonel who managed to survive after the civil war was giving lessons around the Fincas in exchange for food, bed and some pesetas. Fernando was living in the Cortijo were the lessons were given during the evening.

Admired for his learning capability, and moved by his personal situation and his desire to improve, the tutor made Fernando his favorite student. In addition to his basic academic education he also laid the foundations of a dream that later on in life would become real.

“Santiaguillo” the main character of a book that the Colonel gave him, was a poor child who lived in the countryside who ended being the owner of a chain of shops.

Perhaps because dreaming was the only thing that Fernando was able to do while he was recovering from very high fevers that he caught while working on the farm, when he recovered, he told his dad that he would not return to work on the farm.

He stopped working on the farm but he did not stop working, as he finished his job on the farm to become a waiter .With his mother’s consent, who was supporting him all the way, they managed to convince Fernando’s dad who allowed him to become a waiter at the age of 11.

The inadequate unhygienic-sanitary conditions that he was working in as a child for four years caused an allergic reaction that forced him to abandon his job in the bar.

After a few months of convalescence, Fernando returned to work, in the summer of 1961, when he took over the Bar in Cortes de la Frontera’s Swimming Pool with an equity partner.

At the age of 15 he discovered Ubrique and its greatness and until the age of 18 he was working as a waiter in Ubrique.

When he was 18, he found his first job in an office, as Administrative Assistant in a factory in Ubrique. The change improved his personal situation, but not his economic situation, as his wages were half than in his previous job as a waiter, also he did have to pay accommodation in a Pension and for that reason as well as working in the office he had to work every weekend and Monday night as a waiter.

Having two jobs did not exhaust Fernando and he took advantage of a schooling pilot plan to obtain the baccalaureate, combined with a distance accountancy course.

At 4:00am the owner of the pension who was a baker used to wake him up before he was leaving for work.

Studying at dawn, office assistant during the day and waiter at night. Fernado survived like this for 3 years. This frenetic way of life caused his body to give him a wake-up call, and he started to suffer from all the effort.

In order to stop working in the bar he asked for a pay rise in the factory, were they refused, so Fernando left and started working in another factory where he become an accountant.

From being an accountant, Fernando moved on to be a representative for another business, also within the leather industry. In 1969 he travelled all over Spain selling leather goods and sold such a quantity that the factory was incapable of producing the orders.

Willing to fulfill all his clients, he opened a leather goods warehouse in 1970, but due to some monetary issues with his equity partner, he was force to closed it down, having to sell all the articles at cost price.

Failing in this first business, Fernando opened his first leather factory. Not in vain Fernando did learn of his mistakes and his experience with the public and his knowledge as an accountant and finances. This whole cycle was completed by Fernando’s tirelessness and entrepreneurialcharacter.

When everything did appear to go well, some floods during the summer of 1973 destroyed a completed order to go to a good customer in Benidorm. The business could not justify the delivery and the client did not pay for the goods. These floods destroyed the order and also the business, which closed leaving 25 people unemployed.

Fernando never gave up on the idea of writing his own story and accepted an offer from the company were he used to worked as an accountant, to open a warehouse selling leather goods warehouse that became a factory. New inconveniences and problems arose between the business partners and Fernando who decided to sell his share and leave the business in September 1987.

On the 27th of October of that same year, with the knowledge acquired during his working career and wanting to challenge himself, Fernando Dominguez Morales established Dimopel with 5 people working for him.

Dimopel was created with the valuable experience of its creator; 41 years of developing himself, 33 years of hard work plus the knowledge obtained from books. A lover of reading, he used to read and continue reading everything that was published about business.

Fernando did not stopped there, as well as being a business man, he has been a president for the Business Owners of Fine Leather Goods Association in Cadiz province for 8 years and precursor and first president of Empiel.

Having this public responsibility, the creator of Dimopel has tried to convey to other companies in the same sector his business philosophy to the maximum: “Unity creates strength”.

In his memories, as well as the memories of a childhood that never existed, endure his pride of being a creator, an entrepreneur, and a business man who generated work and wealth.

Above all, he has earned personal satisfaction with his achievements, thanks to that great man ‘Ricardo’ who 60 years ago was more than a school teacher to him and was the person who built the pillars of a dream that became real

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